Our Team


Chief Executive Officer - Bob Cooke

Bob Cooke has over 30 years of law enforcement experience with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department in Charlotte, NC.  As an Officer with the department, Bob served in several positions including Field Training Officer with the patrol division, a Detective with the Juvenile/ Sex Crimes Unit, a General Instructor with the police academy, and as a police recruiter.  In 1997, he was promoted to the rank of Sergeant and served with the patrol division as well as the Street Drug Interdiction Unit.  Bob retired in 2014 as a Response Area Commander and is continuing his service to the community as an Active Survival Instructor with Lockdown International.


Bob holds a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and several advanced certifications in the fields of law enforcement and active shooter.  He has been awarded two Medals of Valor, fifteen Chief’s Commendations, and a Commendation by the FBI for his role in solving a double homicide.  Bob has been featured by numerous media outlets as a subject matter expert.  He has played an active role with the International Association of Chiefs of Police.


Bob has a beautiful daughter who graduated from the College of Charleston and is now living back in the Charlotte area.  He enjoys working hard, but enjoys playing harder on the lake.

Chief Operating Officer - Seth DiSanto 

Seth DiSanto has over 17 years of law enforcement experience serving in VT. Seth served as a 911 Call Taker and Dispatcher, a Patrol Officer, Field Training Officer, Narcotics Detective, Sergeant with the Patrol Division and later became a Police Chief where he served for 8 years with a focus on Community Policing. He has several commendations for outstanding contributions and excellence in the field
of Law Enforcement.

Seth holds a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from Elmira College in NY. He has testified before the VT Legislature and was the President of the VT Association of Chiefs of Police and member of the International Association of Chiefs of Police. He has been instructing Active Shooter Survival for several years and holds multiple certifications in Law Enforcement including Crime Scene Technology and Drug Identification, Mulit-jursdictional Counter-drug Task Force, Pharmaceutical Drug Investigations, Undercover Operations, Death Investigations, Commercial Motor Vehicle Enforcement, Leadership in Police Organizations, Identifying Potential School Shooters and Threat and Risk Assessment for Critical Infrastructure. He established a county wide dispatch center serving Police, Ambulance and Fire Departments and helped co-author Operation Borderline, the largest drug bust in Northeast Kingdom history.

Seth and his wife and 2 daughters moved to the Mooresville, NC area in 2021. In his free time Seth enjoys bass fishing, golfing, snowboarding, shooting and hunting.

Instructor - Chris Kopp


Sergeant Chris Kopp has over 20 years of combined military and law enforcement experience. He served two tours on active duty in the U.S. Marine Corps. Sgt Kopp began his second career in law enforcement with the Margate Police Department in Florida, before transferring to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department in North Carolina.  He has spent over a decade as a Law Enforcement General and Firearms Instructor, and still provides his General Instructor service as a Reserve Officer. Sgt Kopp is currently serving the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Fraternal Order of Police as their Public Information Officer.​

Sergeant Kopp holds a Master's Degree in Criminal Justice Administration and several advanced certifications in the fields of law enforcement and active shooter. He has presented on Capitol Hill as a subject matter expert on active shooter safety, and has been featured by numerous national media outlets to include the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, NPR Radio and Beasley Media.  Sergeant Kopp was awarded the 2019 Security Owner of the Year at the Global CEO Excellence Awards.

Sergeant Kopp is a lifetime member with the Disabled American Veterans, National Rifle Association and Loss Prevention Foundation. He is also an active member with ASIS International, FBI InfraGard, International Association of Chiefs of Police, Fraternal Order of Police and International Association of Crime Prevention Practitioners.

He is a husband to a teacher, father of three boys, a foster parent, an inventor, and an ordained minister.

National Product Sales Manager - David Thaw

David Thaw is a retired sergeant with the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department (CMPD). Prior to his retirement in 2013, he was a patrol supervisor in the North Division in Charlotte. He spent much of his career training new and veteran officers on a wide variety of topics including physical fitness, firearms, riot control/ crowd management, and driver training. He has a North Carolina Specialized Certification in Driver Training, Firearms and Physical Fitness. He developed and implemented CMPD’s first driver training program which will be used for many years to come. He also was instrumental in designing and constructing CMPD’s 18 acre driving facility at the Training Academy. David also has prior experience in drug investigations and was a member of the multi agency Federal Violent Crimes Task Force. He was also a prior member on the SWAT Team and National ALERT Team.

David is a graduate of the University of North Carolina Charlotte where he received a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology.

David has been married to his wife Leslie for 34 years and has three beautiful daughters and two grandsons.

Since retirement David has been practicing Yoga, Meditation and Thai Yoga Massage Therapy. He also teaches all three topics. He believes so much in the importance of our program at Lockdown International that he’s willing to give up part of his time with all of that serenity

Director of Instructor Development -Wes Eubank

Wes Eubank served in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department for 30 years, where he earned numerous citations and the medal of merit.  In that time, he was assigned to several positions including a certified North Carolina State law enforcement instructor, radar, time/distance Instructor, LiDar Instructor, SFST Instructor, Collision Reconstructionist, and Collision Reconstruction Instructor for the North Carolina Department of Justice.  Wes is currently an adjunct instructor with the North Carolina Department of Justice.  Wes was also a served as a board member of the North Carolina Criminal Justice Training and Education Commission SMI Committee for 18 years.  Wes served on the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police SWAT Unit for 7 years, where he became a chemical munitions instructor. Wes retired from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department in May 2015.  Wes was re-hired by CMPD in September 2015 and assigned to teach Active Survival to the community.  In 2017, Wes took a position with The Foundation of Shalom Park where he was the Interim Director of Security until March 2018.  Wes is currently a Detective with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School Police where he teaches Active Survival to 18,000 employees and 176 schools within the CMS System.

Wes attended Charlotte Christian School and the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.  Wes is also a graduate of the University of North Florida IPTM Collision Reconstruction in 1997. Wes has been married to his wife Bunny since 1982, and is the father of three children and 4 grandchildren.  Wes is also a certified technical scuba Instructor Trainer, and avid scuba diver.


Instructor - Joanne Selogy

Joanne Selogy is a survivor of domestic violence and the author of Damaged the book that describes her experience persevering through her 30-year battle. She has turned her trauma into a desire for a commitment to safety and protecting others from violence. She has dedicated her time to non-profits and providing information on how to help others in similar situations to her past. She became part of Lockdown International because she believes this training will help keep people safe if they are ever in the crisis of an active shooting.


Protecting others runs in Joanne’s family tree. Her father was a police officer for 56 years and her brother for 30 years. She is proud of the altruism her father and brother have shown by their years on the force and emulates their examples of bravery and goodwill towards their fellow man.


Joanne is a mother of two children and two dogs, grandmother to two grandsons, a writer, and loves to revamp damaged or well used furniture.

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