Barricade Box


WARNING – Read these instructions carefully. Failure to follow these instructions can result in serious personal injury. Kevlar® spool must be replaced if the cord is secured in the V-grooves with tension applied, if the cord is secured in the V-grooves without tension more than 3 times, OR the cord is over 3 years old. Never train with the Barricade Box™ using the Kevlar® spool; only use the blue TRAINING spool (sold separately) during training.

Installation Instructions - Always wear ANSI compliant eye protection. Ensure the Barricade Box™ model (Wood, Masonry or Steel) purchased matches the building materials used to frame the door.

Step 1       Locate the center of the door frame stud (king stud).

Step 2       Place the provided template on the wall to confirm there is enough clearance for the Barricade Box™ cover. Mark the placement of the center bolt.

Step 3       WOOD ONLY - Drill 1/4” pilot hole for center lag bolt.

                  MASONRY ONLY - Drill 5/8” pilot hole for center bolt with anchor.

                  STEEL ONLY—Drill 1” pilot hole for center toggle bolt and four 5/8” holes for supporting toggle bolts.

Step 4       MASONRY AND STEEL MODELS ONLY – Drive the provided bolt supporting hardware into the appropriate pilot hole.

Step 5       Screw the center bolt about half way into the wall.

Step 6       Place the metal bracket against the wall and drill the remaining pilot holes for the four supporting screws.

Step 7       Install the four supporting screws until fully seated.

Step 8       Place the Kevlar® spool then the washer onto the bolt. Tighten the bolt until the only the spool locking pin hole is visible.

Step 9       Secure the spool locking pin into place. Ensure the spool spins freely.

Step 10    Snap the Barricade Box™ cover onto the spool.


Lockdown International, LLC warrants that this product is free from defects in material and workmanship. Lockdown International, LLC shall replace this product or refund the purchase price for any breach of this warranty. Lockdown International, LLC shall not be liable for any failure due to improper installation, defective building materials, inadequate supportive door materials, or incorrect application. By accepting and by use of this product the buyer agrees to hold harmless, Lockdown International, LLC, and all associated parties from any liability for any reason whatsoever.


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