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Strategy and Tactics on Redirecting Movement for the Purpose of Lawful Control and Effective Self-Defense

STORM Training Group creates self-defense training programs to prepare you for any situation. You can expect the highest level of professionalism and standards. Our instructors are not only subject matter experts in their field, they are also lifelong learners themselves. We only employ those of the highest character who will treat our customers with the respect that they deserve. Gone are the days of the almighty and all-knowing trainer. Our tactics, techniques and concepts are presented as an open dialogue and our presenters are always seeking self-improvement.

We developed our curriculum for Counter The Threat (CTT) to prepare for situations such as an active shooter. These basic physical skills and concepts are specially designed for use when the options of avoidance and barricading have already been exhausted or would otherwise be insufficient. CTT creates a simple plan to counter a life-threatening situation and stop the violence.

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Our Mission

Storm Training Group delivers cutting edge training to maximize the effectiveness of the agencies and organizations we serve. We do this by enabling subject matter experts to share their knowledge in an entertaining and engaging atmosphere. By focusing on the learner's perspective, we enhance student performance and contribute to positive cultural change for law enforcement.

Our Background

We are lifelong martial artists who saw a need for learner-focused training in law enforcement. We felt like traditional police training culture was working against the goal of providing the best training for those who serve. So we developed training to keep officers safe, while looking out for the best interest of the officers and the community. A big part of our solution was to ensure that the training that we provide is not only realistic and proven, but fun and interesting too. We are now applying the same approach to training different topics and helping those outside of law enforcement agencies.

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