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Crotega Safety Solutions

Our Mission

Crotega employs technology to bring about a safer world. We empower law enforcement, individuals, and building owners to take control with advanced solutions that neutralize active threats while reducing the risks to the user. We aim to make public safety more humane, offer peace of mind, and ultimately, save lives.

Suite of Safety Solutions


Crotega provides a patented, non-lethal, and made in the USA water-based solution called REPULS, which neutralizes active shooters and attackers almost immediately to save lives.


The product is delivered in four different ways: SentriZone is a ceiling-based product used in conjunction with video cameras to allow an administrator to deploy a sprinkler like system to spray an attacker in a building or school. The Repuls handheld solution comes in a canister and can spray 3-17 feet. The user soaks the face of the attacker and neutralizes them. The SentriPac is a backpack delivery system that is used for law enforcement to assist in crowd control and the SentriLaunch is a robotic solution to be used in Malls or large space.


To learn more, visit or call (612) 749-3249 to speak to one of our representatives or schedule a demonstration.

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