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Crotega Safety Solutions

Our Mission

Crotega employs technology to bring about a safer world. We empower law enforcement, individuals, and building owners to take control with advanced solutions that neutralize active threats while reducing the risks to the user. We aim to make public safety more humane, offer peace of mind, and ultimately, save lives.

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SentriZone™ Our patented assailant suppression system is concealed within the ceilings of your building. Activated via touchscreen, SentriZone is a rapid-defense, nonviolent security solution that saves lives.

REPULS® is a revolutionary new chemical irritant for personal and public safety. The spray causes immediate involuntary eye-closure, stings the skin, and disrupts the perpetrator’s ability to focus.

SentriLaunch is a discreet unmanned remote vehicle (URV) system located in a docking station disguised as digital signage. The SentriLaunch is controlled via a Wi-Fi system with the controls located remotely in the facility. This URV system can reach speeds of up to 10 mph when dispatched inside of buildings by security personnel. SentriLaunch sprays bursts of nontoxic REPULS®, a water-based chemical irritant on the identified perpetrator.

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