The inspiration behind the creation of this company was a passion for education, preservation, and simply paying it forward. Developer, Chris Kopp, spent years dedicating much of his time, both professionally and personally, doing all he could to help his community, colleagues, and country become aware, prepared, and educated on many of the challenges faced by society today.

In 2016, Lockdown International was founded. Its team was formed with a dedicated mission of bringing forth a variety of training programs, security products, educational tools, and proactive measures to schools, businesses, communities, places of worship, and other organizations. In August of 2020, the business was sold by Chris Kopp, and is now owned, and operated by Bob Cooke & Seth DiSanto. After taking control of the business, it was agreed upon by both owners that the business would stay aligned with all original core values. Chris Kopp remains an intricate part of Lockdown International, and now resides with his family in Lakewood Ranch, Florida.

The mission of Lockdown International is to provide our clients with the knowledge, training, and products to reduce potential security and safety risks they may face. We work with our clients to create custom proactive solutions based on their risk assessment.