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Should the need to "Counter" arise during an active threat incident you need options available to you based upon your environment.  Lockdown International is proud to recommend taking your countering options to the next level by learning from our partners at STORM training group.

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Lockdown International proudly partners with Crotega.  Crotega provides cutting edge, non-lethal technology that deters, disrupts, and delays Active Threats.

Planning ahead for an Active Threat requires forethought of all possible outcomes.  Should the need arise to Counter, you should know that your actions will be covered in a court of law.  

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While conducting C.P.T.E.D. security assessments Lockdown International frequently finds emergency equipment and door blockage violations. For a simple and effective solution check out our partners at Life Safety Innovations.

Barton Dunant provides awareness and preparation plans to deal with the aftermath of an active threat incident regarding financial mitigation and recovery.  Lockdown International also partners with Barton Dunant to bring table-top exercise templates for your organization to prepare for multiple threat types from natural disasters to active shooters.

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Four Star Strategies provides resources and lessons learned from first hand response accounts to the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting in Parkland FL.  Tony Pustizzi was the highest-ranking officer on the scene.  He, along with his command staff, led the Coral Springs Police Department in its valiant response to this tragedy.

Lockdown International is proud to partner with Zero Eyes who provides industry leading AI gun detection recognition platforms that seamlessly integrates with your current security systems.

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