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Life Safety Innovations

Our Mission

Our primary goal is to assist with regulatory compliance issues that have proven impossible to overcome with policy, procedures, and or training. No matter how rigorous the environmental rounding or how often we educate staff, on survey day the same findings show up survey after survey. We hear you! 
Blocked extinguishers, pull stations, medical gas valves, and electrical panels all seem to dominate the top ten findings year after year. Our mission is to offer a solution, with an active deterrent and alarm to overcome human error and regulatory complacency. We have tried everything! Red flooring squares, caution tape, signage, policies and training, and all are passive deterrents and easily ignored by staff.  We have designed and built a programmable sensor that detects objects placed in front of items that should never be blocked, and alarms until the items are removed. Finally, an active deterrent to remind staff and no longer allow for human error or the disregard of regulatory compliance. 

Our monitors can be utilized in any area where fire or life safety are of importance. Government buildings, schools, prisons, police stations, nursing homes and hospitals. All of which can benefit from a monitor that keeps hallways clear and fire safety devices free from obstructions. 

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