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5 Things NOT To Do During an Active Shooter Event

People commonly hear what you need to do during an Active Shooter Event. Training is now widely available across the United States. Experts agree that you need a proactive, option-based plan to successfully respond to a mass shooting event. Training is paramount.

5 things you should not do during an active shooting are:

  1. Attempting to talk down or reason with a mass shooter. Nothing you say will change the mind of a person intent on and having meticulously planned a mass shooting event. Do NOT waste precious time attempting to de-escalate the situation.

  2. Hiding is an option. Hiding is widely recognized and even endorsed by some active shooter response plans. This is the second worst option in a mass shooting event. Hiding is a passive approach to an active threat.

  3. Opening a barricaded location to help others. Too many unknowns exist on the other side of a barricaded location. Never open a barricaded location, for anyone.

  4. Get to your vehicle to escape. Attempting to flee the scene in your vehicle congests traffic and slows response time for emergency responders.

  5. Go to the scene of a mass shooting. Any attempt to help emergency responders in a mass shooting, at the scene, only takes emergency resources away from their task. You WILL NOT be reunited with loved ones at the scene of an active threat.

If you thought any of these responses are appropriate, it’s time to re-evaluate your plan; There are too many examples of where the responses above have been used in response to an active shooting. Many times, with tragic outcomes.

There are too many examples of where the responses above have been used in active shootings. Many times, with tragic outcomes. To learn more on how to survive an active threat visit us at

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