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Accountability of Law Enforcement & School Personnel after Active Shooting Incident

One commonality we've witnessed over the past decade is Law Enforcement agencies throughout the country not responding correctly to "Active Shooting Incidents. I'm often asked by individuals why this is.

After the shooting at Columbine High School in 1999, law enforcement agencies throughout this country went through extensive training regarding their response to active shooting events. The new and improved protocol instructed the first group of officers on the scene to enter the establishment and confront the shooter. They would no longer wait 45 minutes to an hour for the SWAT team to arrive. They determined that too many lives were lost during this waiting period.


So, the question remains, "Why are some law enforcement agencies continuing to notify swat." Why are they refusing to enter the establishments quickly based on their new training procedures?


Jim Burch, president of the "National Police Institute" stated that he felt like some jurisdictions don't buy into the new approach, and neither does their leadership. According to Burch, this issue needs to be worked out immediately.


An accurate way of working through these issues is more accountability from law enforcement and school personnel in "After Action Reports." In these reports, agencies often tend only to report the positive actions by law enforcement and school employees, and they avoid the negative actions for fear of possible legal actions. If you don't focus on the negative, then changes never occur.

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Lexi Churchill & Lomi Kriel-Texas Tribune, December 27th, 2023 -5am Central

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