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Active Shooter Training Without Psychological Harm

On near daily basis we see different committees formed to study the psychological

effects on staff and students when it comes to active shooter preparedness. These

panels typically include at least one person with a background in mental health

behavior. Oftentimes we see the concerns of the effects that training and or drills could

have on a student or staff member.

What I have yet to see is any expert refute the fact that as a direct result of fire drills,

and technology, only one student has died in a fire inside of a school since 1958. The

only reasonable answer for that can be the effectiveness of training and drills and the

introduction of technology such as alarms and fire suppression systems.

Training and drills don't have to be full scale exercises. They can be something as

simple as using an alternative exit once a month at your place of employment, parking

in a different parking location when you come to work, taking the elevator down to the

second floor, then using the stairs to get to the first floor so that you know where the

door leads. You are not going to be able to use the elevator in the event of an active

shooter emergency.

Simple and effective techniques can be employed by anyone, anywhere, anytime. For

more tips and information on training and lifesaving products please visit us at

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