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Congress faces demands to rekindle efforts to reduce gun violence.

By Scott Macfarlane

July 10th, 2023 / CBS News

One day before July 4th, 2023, Mayor Brandon Scott, from Baltimore, MD., made a plea to America, specifically to Washington, stating that Congress needed to put forth more effort regarding the effort to reduce gun violence.

Last month, U.S. House Democrats began an effort to force a formal debate and vote on new gun control measures through the use of a parliamentarian maneuver known as a "discharge petition."

Two of the petitions would stiffen background check requirements for firearm sales. Another would order new regulations for assault weapons. If any one of the petitions garners 218 signatures from the House's 435 members, it will force the hands of Congressional leaders to bring the gun control measures to the House floor.

One of the background check petitions had garnered 208 signatures, all from Democrats, as the holiday week concluded. But even if all House Democrats were to sign the petitions, they'd also need to secure the signatures of five Republicans.

In a divided Congress, the two parties and two chambers have demonstrated little inclination toward cutting another bipartisan agreement to change federal gun laws in 2023.

House Democrats stated they feel like this is happening because, in the United States, we are still allowing the sanctity of American guns to outweigh the sanctity of American lives.

Poll after poll shows that most Americans support efforts to curb gun violence; however, most Republicans feel like the petitions, as mentioned earlier, would be a 2nd amendment violation; therefore, they have no interest in signing either or both petitions.

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