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Could Social Isolation be a Contributor to Mass Shootings?

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Following the pandemic, we all have questions about the impact of social isolation. What is happening that we can already see the long-term effects of social isolation?

A 2022 Study completed at Virginia Commonwealth University considered the impacts of social isolation:

According to a study conducted in December 2022 at Virginia Commonwealth University, social isolation may be one of the most critical indicators in spotting a potential mass shooting shooter.

The study looked at the behavior of 177 mass shooters and found that social isolation was the most critical external indicator leading up to a mass shooting.

According to Dr. Nicolas Thomason, Ph.D., director of research and a forensic psychologist at the Injury and Violence Prevention Program and co-author of the study, the study is unique because it looked at behaviors that friends, family, and co-workers of mass shooters observed before the incident. This means that people can intervene or report concerning behavior early on.

Thomson said, “Equipped with the proper knowledge, we can develop risk awareness strategies that can prevent mass shootings from occurring. Of course, this is only one piece of the puzzle, but it is an important piece.

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By: Delaney Murry / Local News

Posted: Feb 19th, 2023 / 10:05 PM EST

Updated: Feb 19th, 2023 / 10:12 PM EST

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