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Georgia Schools considering a bill to require annual active shooter drills

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

Atlanta – A new bill going through the Georgia state Legislature could have students participating in yearly active shooter drills.

Opponents argue that mandatory yearly active shooter drills could traumatize Georgia school children, but safety experts say the exercises would make schools safer in the long run.

As a considered expert in active shootings, I would much rather have my child somewhat traumatized than dead! Schools throughout the United States have been practicing fire drills for decades, and we’ve not lost a child in a school-related fire since December 1st, 1958.

House Bill 147, or the “Safe Schools Act,” would create another yearly drill that students and staff would have to practice, just like they would fire drills.

Under the legislation, schools must conduct an “intruder alert exercise” for all students, school administrators, and teachers by October 1st of each school year.

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By Fox 5 Atlanta Digital Team / Published March 13, 2023

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