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How to barricade a door quickly in a mass shooting situation

Lockdown International Barricade Box©

Avoiding an active threat scenario is not always an available option. Sometimes the safest place to be is inside a barricaded room. The Lockdown International Barricade Box© is a simple, fast, and secure solution to barricading yourself within a room. It does not violate safety codes and can be used on any door with a handle that swings inward or outward. The Barricade Box© is easy to install and simple to apply. In less than 7 minutes the Barricade Box© can be installed in any wood, masonry, or steel door frame and can be deployed by any child in less than 7 seconds. Simply remove the cover, pull the cord, wrap around the door handle, and secure into the Barricade Box©. Any attempt to breach the door when the Barricade Box© is deployed simply cinches down the Kevlar cord even more. With over 2,000 pounds of tinsel strength, the cord is burn proof and cut resistant.

The applications for the barricade box are endless, whether for schools, offices, places of worship, or even creating safe rooms within your own home.

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