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How to Recognize Workplace Violence Warning Signs BEFORE an Incident

The key to a safer work environment is observing warning signs exhibited by a

potential threat before the incident takes place.

Developing a security plan that meets your needs without breaking the budget is

possible! Together with a security expert, administrators, their staff, and local

emergency responders can complete a thorough risk assessment to include an

all-hazards approach of their environments. Every location has its own individual

challenges, i.e., size, age, location, design or type of construction and other


The risk assessment or C.P.T.E.D. pinpoints critical areas of vulnerability and will

identify your security strengths, as well as weaknesses. The whole process is

designed to reduce incidents and try to anticipate any emergencies that might

occur at your location. 

Any plan will undoubtedly include security technology, but no single security

implementation will solve all the problems.

Lockdown International is proud to partner with multiple companies that can provide

integrated security solutions to new or existing technology. Beware of any company

that tells you, “We do it all”. When it comes to saving lives, you want providers that offer

inch wide, but mile deep solutions.

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