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OPTION based training is crucial in active threat preparedness

Four people were seriously injured after a gunman opened fire inside a Walmart in Beavercreek, OH.  All four victims were shoppers.

If you have ever received training on what to do in an active threat event, you likely have had that training through an employer.  Most students of that training use it to develop a plan for their work environment.  But what about outside your work environment.  What if your moment occurs at a shopping center, movie theater, doctor’s office, or favorite restaurant?

The training you receive should be an option-based approach on what to do regardless of your location.  This gives you the tool necessary to survive given the specific circumstances you are facing.

Lockdown International’s award winning ABC’S (Avoid, Barricade, Counter, Survive) training gives you option based tools, techniques, and awareness practices you can implement anywhere.

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