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Shooting at UNC Chapel Hill Campus emphasizes the need for PROACTIVE Training

After review of some of the information that has come to light after the August 28, 2023, shooting incident on the campus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Lockdown International observed some concerning information that came to light. Some of the interviews with students suggested that they were prepared for such an incident and acted by hiding and sheltering together in the corners of the classrooms. THIS IS NOT A PROACTIVE REPONSE TO AN ACTIVE THREAT. Hiding should not be an option used in an active threat situation.

Proactive Training for UNC School Shooting

Think about this; A person with little to no training with firearms shoots at a static mass of people huddled in the corner of a room. What is the likelihood of a person being struck? Now think about this; A gunman enters a dark and quiet room with no noise heard from the outside. People are spread out throughout the room and some of the occupants are located near the door and immediately counter the gunman with anything at their disposal. Targets are not static but moving, yelling, and throwing items. Which of the two scenarios sounds like a proactive plan to you?

This and other life saving techniques are taught in Lockdown International’s Active Threat Response program. To find out more visit or call us at 704-489-3508.

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