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The Rise of Workplace Violence in America

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

Workplace Violence in America is on the rise. The active shooting tragedy at a Walmart in Chesapeake VA has again highlighted the need for employees to recognize and prevent workplace violence. According to the National Council for Occupational Safety and Health, employers have a primary responsibility to provide a safe working environment.

In a recent article published by the Washing Post disturbing information was reported. “In the days since the rampage, some clues about what led [Shooter* age 31], to commit the crime have emerged, prompting questions about whether Walmart did enough to identify him as a threat and take action. In interviews, court filings and public statements, victims’ family members and former employees at the Walmart described a workplace where complaints about [Shooter*] were ignored or dismissed and where [Shooter*], too, felt harassed by co-workers and managers. The lawsuit from Donya Prioleau alleges that [Shooter*] asked her if she liked guns and told store employees, including managers, that if he were ever fired, he would retaliate, adding “people will remember my name.” It claims [Shooter*] repeatedly asked co-workers if they had received active shooter training, and when they responded that they had, he smiled and walked away.”

These are clear warning signs that a person may planning an Active Shooting or other violent attack. What do you do if an employee reports a potential safety risk to you? How can you recognize less overt warning signs? How do you respond if an Active Shooting takes place?

Lockdown International specializes in teaching how to recognize Workplace Violence Warning Signs as well as Active Threat Response Plans. Find out more at

*Lockdown International never uses the name of Active Shooters at any time to include training curriculum.

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