Active Survival


Active Survival: ABC'S Active Threat Response Plan training is a course designed to provide and empower individuals with option-based survival skills to stay alive until law enforcement arrives, and ultimately survive any violent incident. This plan can be easily implemented into your organization's Emergency Operation/Action Plan.  These are skills that translate to a workplace, school, healthcare facility, place of worship, shopping mall or any other location in which an active threat can be a danger.

Barricade Box

This simple, yet highly effective device acts as a temporary lockdown mechanism for nearly any door, and can be implemented in under seven seconds. It mounts on the wall next to the door, is very easy to operate, and can withstand up to 2,000 pounds of tensile strength. This little device offers incredible protection for yourself, your students, employees, clients, and anyone else protected by its strength; at a very reasonable price, it will protect something priceless.

CPTED Security Survey


A CPTED Security Survey is a physical inspection of the property utilizing a set of federal and public safety guidelines designed to identify and mitigate organizational risks to potential criminal and medical emergencies. The philosophy used is Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED), the belief that the design of the physical environment can deter criminal behavior. This CPTED Security Survey is a multi-disciplinary approach. A report is provided with a detailed list of observations and recommendations.

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