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Mass Shootings 
in 2023

Data from the Gun Violence Archive.

The mission of Lockdown International is to provide our clients with the knowledge, training and products needed to reduce any potential security and safety risks that they may face.  Our goal is to prevent what we can and mitigate what we cannot prevent.  We have developed a holistic approach to active threats based on over 100 combined years of law enforcement and military experience, as well as hundreds of recommendations made by federal, state, and local agencies. 

The services we offer go beyond just active threats. 

Today companies and businesses face many unique challenges during an active threat incident.  Your active threat plan should be consistent from location to location.  Any deviation, miscommunication or mishandling of an incident can cost personal injuries, financial liability and tarnishing to your brand.  We will limit the risk exposure to your company and create a safer environment by providing the tools to prevent, respond, and recover from an active threat. 

We offer a wide range of services for your organization from responding to an active shooting, workplace violence recognition, and de-escalation techniques to physical security assessments and life saving products for violent encounters.

Our Barricade Box is designed to be a temporary door barricade device to protect against active shooters and violent intruders during a lockdown. An affordable solution for school safety, office security, place of worship, healthcare facility and other shelter in place locations.

Learn about who we are, our mission, and the men that drive our mission to be successful.

Read our client reviews about why our services can be beneficial to your organization.

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