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Mitigating Threating Workplace Violence Before It Happens

Security, human resources, and risk management leaders face a rapidly expanding and more volatile threat landscape than ever before, requiring them to constantly evaluate and improve risk mitigation and emergency response strategies. Mitigating threats and threatening behavior can provide a sense and tangible results of safety in the workplace.

There are many ways these events impact businesses, not the least of which being the stress and anxiety leaders experience when unable to confirm the safety of employees. Active shooter events also result in employees questioning their own safety and security at work, further highlighting the importance of strong security leadership, training, and communication. Additionally tarnishing to your brand can occur, resulting in lost revenue.

Organizations should invest in updated active shooter training, additional building security measures and modern threat intelligence to protect employees and prepare them to effectively respond during an active threat. These preparedness efforts are also a powerful signal to employees that the organization is aware of risks and actively investing in their safety.

Lockdown International specializes these categories and provides training on workplace violence recognition, de-escalation techniques, and an active threat response plan known as the ABC’S (Avoid, Barricade, Counter, and Survive). We provide comprehensive security assessments and provide lifesaving products in the event of an active threat.

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