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Nashville School Mass Shooting Training Saved Lives

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

The tragedy that occurred at a private Christian school in Nashville TN on March 27, 2023 highlights the need and success of training to prepare for an active shooter situation. Active Shooters do NOT snap, they plan their attacks. To have training and a rehearsed response plan is critical in mitigating injuries and death.

“It could have been worse without this great response,” the mayor of the police response. “This was very planned and numerous sites were investigated.”

“This school prepared for this with active shooter training for a reason,” Nashville Metropolitan Councilman Russ Pulley told CNN. “We don’t like to think that this is ever going to happen to us. But experience has taught us that we need to be prepared because in this day and time it is the reality of where we are.”

Students from the Covenant School hold hands Monday after getting off a bus to meet their parents at a reunification site after a mass shooting at the school in Nashville.

To have your organization be prepared with a proactive response visit

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