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What To Expect From an Active Shooter Training Course

It can happen anywhere. Are you prepared? Could you survive?

Lockdown International’s Active Survival: ABC’S Active Threat Response Plan training course is designed to provide and empower individuals with option-based survival skills to stay alive until law enforcement arrives, and ultimately survive any violent incident. The Avoid, Barricade, Counter, and Survive skills translate to a workplace, school, place of worship, store, or public location in which an active threat can be a danger.

What is an active threat? We hear the term “active shooter” all the time. There is a constant barrage of news reporting on active shooting situations. While this is the most common form of mass murder in the United States, an active threat can take any violent form. An active threat can be a shooting, a stabbing, a bombing, a car driving into a crowd of people, or any number of things. The course is designed to show you what to do if you find yourself in any of these types of situations.

This training course is notan iteration of one of the most recognized active shooter response programs: Run, Hide, Fight, created by the Department of Homeland Security in 2008. We recognize that not everyone can run, a natural instinct to hide under a table in the room you’re in is normal, and almost no one is equipped to physically fight an armed assailant. The details of the ABC’S: Avoid, Barricade, Counter, Survive, are not a checklist or a flow chart: they are modifiable and appropriate in any active threat. These survival strategies are not meant to be completed in order, or even be completed at all. They are meant to empower you to get out alive.

Active Survival guides you through what we as a society have learned, what we are doing now, and what we can do moving forward in terms of active threats. We discuss lessons learned from prior mass casualty incidents based on the actions of the citizens and first responders involved. This training will help you identify the physiological changes that your body undergoes during times of stress, and how to fight through them. The ABC’S Active Threat Response Plan walks you through each of your survival options in order for you to make the best decision possible in any given situation.

As part of the training, you will learn to identify different hazards and their potential impacts, including: violence, fire as a weapon, explosives, weapons of mass destruction, and future threats. Along with preparedness information, as well as survival strategies and actions, you will learn methods for bleeding control and other interventions aimed at preventable causes of death due to trauma. While this course is not a substitute for medical training in tactical emergency casualty care, it is meant to provide you with the knowledge necessary to stop bleeding caused by a weapon until the individual can be safely transported and given medical care. You will also be briefed on the recommended equipment, both medical and tactical (avoidance or barricading devices) to have on hand in case of an active threat.

In addition to situational training, this course will present you with the information needed to develop a preparedness plan, as well as helping to identify and communicate the sites and locations involved in the emergency action plan. You will learn how to identify warning signs of a potential active threat and why you should always communicate these with someone; keeping silent from fear of being seen as a “whistle blower” costs lives, and keeps the suspected individual from receiving help before it’s too late.

This is a scary topic, and there will be some doom and gloom involved in discussing potential threats and past incidents. However, preparedness is protection. The goal of the Active Survival is to create awareness and enhance the knowledge and abilities of the public to prevent, respond, and take protective measures in an active shooter or hostile event.

Lockdown International is dedicated and driven to provide clients with the knowledge, training, and products to be proactive in unexpected situations.

We partner with clients to create and implement custom proactive solutions based on their risk assessment. To learn more, please visit our Instructor Course.

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