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20 Year Summary of Active Shooter Incidents

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

In 2020, the FBI conducted a summary of all Active Shooter Incidents in the United States over the past twenty years. The FBI throughly breaks down statistics showing the demographics (age, gender) of the shooter and geographic (location, business type) of these incidents.

The FBI defines an Active Shooter as "an individual actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in a populated area".

With this definition, provided by the FBI, their 20 year summary shows that there were;

  • Incidents: 333

  • Casualties (excluding shooters): 2,851

  • Mass Killings ( 3 or more killings in a single incident): 135

Aside from the 2,851 Casualties (excluding shooters), 345 were Shooters. Of the 345 Shooters, 332 identified as male while only 13 identified as female.

Shooter Incidents were categorized into 12 location types. The most common locations for Shooter Incidents are Businesses Open to Pedestrian Traffic with 96 incidents. The most common Business types that fall into this category are;

  1. Small Retail (21 incidents)

  2. Bar (16 incidents)

  3. Large Retail (15 incidents)

  4. Office (15 incidents)

  5. Restaurant (14 incidents)

In the United States, the three states that had the most frequent shooter incidents were; California (42), Florida (27), Texas (25). The FBI also found that the states with zero shooter incidents were; Wyoming, Rhode Island, Alaska, Delaware, Maine, Montana, and New Hampshire.

Of all of these shooter incidents, the FBI statistics showed that the most common outcome of these incidents is that the shooter is apprehended by Police (150 incidents), then suicide (119 incidents), then killed by Police (67 incidents).

When it comes to preparing for stressful situations, like an active shooter scenario, we often don’t rise to the level of our expectations; we fall to the level of our training. Again, our goal in active survival courses is to train you to fight or flight safely.

Because we believe this lesson is so powerful in active survival threats, we’ve built this content into our Instructor Course. Lockdown International is dedicated to bringing high quality training like this as well as security products, educational tools, and proactive measures to businesses, schools, and other communities.

We partner with clients to create and implement custom proactive solutions based on their risk assessment.

FBI Summary referenced:

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