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Can You and Your Business be Held Liable for an Active Shooter Incident at Your Establishment?

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

In 2021, businesses open to pedestrian traffic, are the most common places for active shooter incidents. Retail locations, bars, offices, and restaurants are examples of businesses of this type of category. In a time where mass killings have become more prominent, understanding how this type of incident could potentially affect your business is detrimental.

How Can my Business be Held Accountable?

1. Foreseeability

In 2001, active shooter situations were not common. Today, active shooter situations are more common than ever based on the 20 Year Report conducted by the FBI. This means the risk for your business to be attacked is higher.

2. Proper or Adequate Security Not Provided

Understanding what to look for and do during active shooter situations is key. Not having your employees/ staff trained on how to react in that situation can be hurtful to your business.

How Can Lockdown International Help?

When it comes to preparing for stressful situations, like an active shooter scenario, we often don’t rise to the level of our expectations; we fall to the level of our training. Again, our goal in active survival courses is to train you to fight or flight safely.

Because we believe this lesson is so powerful in active survival threats, we’ve built this content into our Instructor Course. Lockdown International is dedicated to bringing high quality training like this as well as security products, educational tools, and proactive measures to businesses, schools, and other communities

What can we Provide for you?

  • A detailed understanding of the weak security points in your establishment

  • Custom designed plan and resources for security

  • Training on Active Shooter situations and usage of the Barricade Box

  • And More

We partner with clients to create and provide proactive solutions for unexpected situations. With a detailed risk assessment conducted by our team we work together to ensure the safety of your establishment.


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